The Malta Potatoes dude is my hero

By | May 2, 2013

I decided to come out of hiding for a little bit to talk about the Maltese Potato dude – also known as my hero!

Just in case you were wondering, it’s been a little quiet around here because I’ve been working hard on another blog which I co-founded with a friend of mine. Head over to, I promise you won’t regret it.

Back to the potatoes – what a beautiful clip that is, it warmed me up throughout and gave me so many fuzzy feelings. It made me proud to be Maltese, and it made me want to head to the green grocer and ask for some of our delicious potatoes. Just in case you haven’t watched the clip, here it is.

After watching that beauty, how do you feel? I cannot understand all the criticism directed towards potato dude. He’s got passion, he’s got love and he’s proud of what he does. Most importantly he’s got job satisfaction – how many of you can say they have all that; I know I certainly can’t at this moment in time, and that’s what I’m striving for.

So what if he has broken English? As they say, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t really throw any stones. Yes, I’m talking to you, the person who thinks they speak perfect English and then insists on using ‘literally’ and ‘like’ in every sentence.

You can taste the sea, the church and the sun. You can feel that you are eating Maltese Potatoes.

How beautiful is that? So, to the Malta Potatoes dude, I just have two words: Thank You! For igniting that bit of pride and for showing me why, albeit the many times I criticize this little island of ours, I love Malta with all my heart.

  • Tuxtron

    At first I laughed at the Video but after reading your blog I noticed how ignorant it was of me to do so. Yes you are right, it’s the “civilised” person who lost the charm and heart for working the traditional jobs.

    Feel bad.

    Forza Patata Maltija :)

  • Angelo Abela

    Its the Maltese tradition of vehemently trying to ridicule anything that is intrinsically Maltese. Such a pity. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karla Grima

    Thanks for this post … I’ve always been proud of this little rock and having so many farmers as relatives and family friends … i feel honoured to know them and spend quality time in their company … I love rolling up my sleeves and picking vegetables, it is back breaking work but very rewarding!

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  • M A M

    I admire all that is Maltese and what not, but some phrases used don’t make any sense. No wonder this video went viral, people laugh their heads off listening to this dude’s way of expressing himself.

    This has nothing to do with passion, patriotism or anything of the sort. People are watching this to have a laugh and I can assure you some of these phrases really caught on. Nowadays, Potato is the main subject on the work place xD

    Viva l-Patata Maltija!!

    • MARATT

      Lil MAM tieghdli qalbi inti ddahhaq in nies bik l`iktar jekk int la taf titkellem bil Malti u l anqas bl ingliz tajjeb. Probabbli l-Ingliz li jitkellem bieh dan il bidwi Malti huwa hafna ahjar milli titkellem inti l`Ilsien ta ommna Malta.Jien lil dan il bidwi m`ghandix hlief ammirazzjoni lejh u ghax xoghol li jidher li tant jghamel b`passjoni.

  • JCSullivan

    Well done and thanks for sharing.
    What does it matter whether it is broken or Oxford/Eton English. Did the point he wanted to make get through? That’s all that matters.

  • JCSullivan

    I had to watch this again and liked it even more. Those who didn’t enjoy this little snippet of a Maltese farmer’s life ought to get a reality check.

    Did not anyone notice that even the little puppy shares its time with the family?

    One ought to visit the potato sheds in Marsa (if they’re still there) to see the importance that this part of agriculture plays in Malta’s culture. The number of varieties grown in Malta are something else for a little piece of rock in the middle of the Med.

    So, the next time any of those who laughed at this video travel outside Malta see if you can taste anything in the warehouse taters you’re eating.

    There’s nothing like a fresh tater and a Malta one at that.

    • melahart

      Hey JC. Glad you enjoyed the video. I must admit it made me appreciate our local potatoes even more, and from what I gather from the recent news reports, the potato guy seems to have shot to fame too. At the Zabbar potato feast, it seems like he was the star :)

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  • Michael Scalloped Potatoes

    I live in Canada any way I could get my hands on these potatoes?