10 most shocking comments on Cecilia Malmstrom’s Facebook Page

For all this talk about patriotism and nationalism I am surely feeling ashamed of being Maltese, and this is not the first time in the past few days. Never have I seen such abusive behavior online, especially on Facebook. Even during the general elections there was a more serene feel when browsing through comments. All this abuse is being thrown about on Cecilia Malmstrom Facebook page. She is the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs and during the MT Salamis debacle pleaded to Malta to take in the 120 immigrants rescued at sea.

Once again the Government decided to stomp its feet and the immigrants were sent to Italy. Yet what happened after this decision was taken sent a cold shiver down my spine. A considerable amount of Maltese took to Malmstrom’s Facebook page to shout out their opinion. Their opinion being;

  1. The why don’t you take them yourself argument,
  2. The we are Maltese, no one steps on us, argument, and
  3. Abuse, lots of it.

This is shameful, and frankly, useless. The only thing this flock of sheep is managing to do is show what a xenophobic nation the Maltese really are – and this not just to the rest of us, who are sitting here reading these comments incredulously, but to the rest of the world.

Thankfully Cecilia Malmstrom’s page seems to be well maintained and most of the abuse is being deleted. However going through the hundreds of comments you still find the shocking utterance here and there. Here are a list of the 10 most shocking comments I could find.

Shocking comments on Ceciliam Malmstrom's page

Special mention goes out to this person (below comment) who posted something like 17 times on Malmstron’s page. What annoys me most about this breed of people is this presumption of speaking for the rest of us in Malta.

image 2

I understand that this has nothing to do with politics – red, blue, whatever – but there does seem to be this feeling that it is OK to do this because the Prime Minister is on ‘our’ side.

image 3

Joseph Muscat better take his own advice and wake up to smell the coffee. A stratum of Maltese people are showing off their true colours – pure ignorance and racism that is – because they are misreading your message (yes I’m giving the benefit of the doubt). It is high time for the Prime Minister to start condemning such talk.

This post has been amended to remove the names of those who spouted such abuse on Malmstrom’s page becuase apparently a lot of people are OK to dish it but then cannot take it.

Heard about PTH? It’s political tagging harassment.

Today I get a notification on Facebook; “Name Surname (friends with Name Surname) commented on a post you were tagged in”.

What started out as curiosity quickly turned into rage when I noticed I was tagged in the below. I won’t go into the merits of the content because as I said in a past post, I am more interested in what is happening now.

Apart from the appalling Maltese which would make Mikiel Anton Vassalli turn in his grave, the whole premise of the post was offensive.

The genius who came up with this set of photos (oh yes there’s more than one) thought it would be incredibly clever to include ‘Aghfas Like’. What a dumb thing to do! So you are trying to expose the use of violence by whoever, and then you’re asking people to like it? Einstein was right when he said only two things are infinite; the universe and human’s stupidity.

Just in case this happens to you, Facebook has one easy solution. Click on the photo in question, then click Options (found on the bottom of the photo) and choose Report/Remove tag. Facebook is nice enough to give you some options. In this case the most appropriate option was the below.

Why am I ‘friends’ with the person who tagged me I hear you ask. As most of the people out there I use Facebook as an information tool, meaning I accept most of the locals friend requests and am interested in all views. However, with such things I have a 3 strikes and you’re out rule, this was the first strike.