We should really thank Magistrate Carol Peralta.

Magistrate Carol Peralta managed to unite all of us regardless of political party colour. What better gift could have been given to the people of Malta this Christmas?

This Christmas Carol (pun intended, even though it’s been countless times) started yesterday evening when The Times reported one of its journalists was arrested. The journalist, Ivan Martin, was sent to court to report on an eyewitness account of a party being held in court.

carol peralta 1

When Mr Martin arrived he noticed that Magistrate Carol Peralta was entertaining people in a court room. Alcohol was present and so were cigarettes – please keep in mind this is in a court room. Ivan Martin tried to take a picture of what was happening and it was then that Magistrate Carol Peralta asked for him to be arrested.

Ivan Martin was held for three hours at the police station but was later released.

The story spread like wildfire on Facebook (and so did the memes) and for the first time in eons most of the commentators seemed to be in agreement. What Magistrate Carol Peralta did was a blatant abuse of power.

carol peralta

All three political parties were in agreement and the Government condemned such abusive behavior.

This is not the first time Magistrate Carol Peralta was in the middle of controversy. Just last year he conditionally discharged a person after trying to run over someone and he is also allegedly linked with the freemasons.

The Magistrate has now said that he would be happy to resign if he’s found to have acted abusively. Fair enough, however, since this whole thing has gone down, it’s the judicial system in Malta which has really been hurt. So much for the dignity of the law courts and the judiciary. The law courts are one of the highest institutions in the country. It is not a place for Christmas parties – even if everybody else is doing it – and it’s definitely not the place where one should throw his weight about.

So what are your thoughts? Should Magistrate Carol Peralta resign? Let me know in the comments section below.

Magistrate Carol Peralta puts the rage in outrageous

Shortly after the bigoted message of Josie Muscat, saying that victims of abuse provoke the aggressor, we are handed a sentence which not only condones homophobia but again absolves the aggressor on the only account of provocation.

Reading through the articles on both The Times and MaltaToday (which I had to read more than once because frankly I just couldn’t believe what was being reported) the story goes something like this;

Accused and victim drinking in the same bar,
Victim is drunk, gestates something stupid,
Closing time – everyone goes their separate ways,
Accused sees victim in the street,
Accused runs over victim with car,
Accused is conditionally discharged.


Granted this is the simplistic version, but it is basically the gist of the story. Not to mention this was the information the public was given since according to Alison Bezzina the court transcript wasn’t even made available. What I didn’t mention is that the victim was attacked because he insinuated the aggressor was gay, which apparently is reason enough to get run over by a car if you live in Mellieħa and you have a reputation to defend.

To me this is not just a case of homophobia but a perfect example of the mentality people are getting accustomed to. Basically there is no sense of responsibility anymore. Whatever happened to being accountable for your actions? People punch others during a protest and are handed a EUR60 fine, or, in this case, run over a man and are merely conditionally discharged.

Am I the only one thinking there’s not much point in being good, and following the rules? Running over a man is way less expensive than sessions of anger management at the psychologist’s, so if you feel something abrewing, the Maltese legal system is basically telling you ‘it’s ok, we will understand you have issues and we will be lenient”.

Yes I am angry, outraged even. People need to learn the value of accountability, and this won’t happen if the courts hand down these kinds of judgments, so I am more than happy to read this morning that the Attorney General Peter Grech is considering appealing against Magistrate Carol Peralta’s decision. Kudos!

Remember these guys? Fined EUR60 for punching protestors at Marsaxlokk, even after turning up to court in shorts and a tshirt? Photo by Chris Sant Fournier for timesofmalta.com