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Graffiti in Valletta – is this Art or Vandalism?

This morning graffiti have been painted on the still-to-be-finished grand Valletta entrance. Seeing the picture on Facebook I thought it looked good and not having read what it was about I had this impression that this wasn’t Malta. From that first glance I thought it was a minimalist art installation in some foreign capital. I… Read More »

Pjazza Teatru Rjal; an unkept promise?

My morning reading today consisted of a thread on Facebook between Mario Vella, front man of the Maltese band Brikkuni and Martin Bonnici, local independent film producer at Shadeena Films. The thread was about the inaccessibility to independent local artists to use the newly inaugurated Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta. From what Mario said, it… Read More »

>Art for Art’s Sake at No. 68

> Following is a piece I wrote about No. 68 Gallery in Valletta for MaltaInsideOut If you are passionate about the visual arts, you might find it hard to locate some of Malta’s talent, especially if what you’re looking for is modern or alternative forms of expression. St James Cavalier might be the place… Read More »