From Malta Tagħna Lkoll to Malta Tagħna Biss. The PL slogan which is slowly turning against its creators.

It was the slogan which won Labour its landslide victory back in March 2013 but Malta Tagħna Lkoll has been slowly taking a life of its own and rearing its ugly head.

This all seems to have started back then when prisoners were given a 100 day amnesty resulting in 143 prisoners walking free. Many were enraged by this decision and this episode was only the start of the bad juju for Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia.

When Mallia visited the inmates at Corradino the prisoners started to chant ‘Tagħna lkoll, tagħna lkoll’ turning this PR event into a double edged sword which was only the start of Mallia’s troubles.

Days passed and with every decision the new Labour government was taking the Tagħna Lkoll slogan would come back to haunt them;

L-Aministija taghna lkoll

Il-Kultura tagħna lkoll

L-Armier tagħna lkoll 

And the list goes on, everyday reinforced with a new appointment to a government board which seem to be dished out like hot, steamy, pastizzi.

But since Muscat decided it would be a good idea to play chess with human lives, and went for the controversial threat of pushbacks, the Malta Tagħna Lkoll slogan has been perversely applied to a group on Facebook. This group will be staging an anti-immigration protest – oh sorry I mean ‘Pro Malta’ protest – which funnily enough is a protest ‘In favour of the Government’s fight against illegal immigration’.

from malta tagħna lkoll to malta tagħna biss

Malta Tagħna, and Malta Tagħna Biss are the cries which can be found on the Facebook  group totaling almost 5000 members (no I will not be positing any links to said group which is clearly promoting racism). Said group page is also filled with links to news stories of Muslims doing horrible acts as if being a rapist, a murderer or a sick fuck is mutually exclusive to your religion.

As days go by, and the 4th August (the day of the protest) is drawing closer, some fire fighting seems to be happening. The Times of Malta, yesterday, decided to carry a story about the Prime Minister’s thoughts with regards this protest. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said he does not approve of such a demonstration, failing to address the matter that this protest is being done in honour of the Government. Well yes, actions do happen to have consequences and when the Prime Minister threatened to go ahead with pushbacks he opened up a Pandora’s box filled with racism and xenophobia.

Meanwhile L-Orizzont published a story about a group of people who will be charged for inciting racial hatred on Facebook. When this news item was posted on the popular Facebook Page, Malta Diżastru Totali a barrage of comments ensued citing Freedom of Expression. News flash? Well Freedom of Expression is not absolute and is subject to limitations – one such limitation being hate speech.

Turns out Joe Demicoli will not be one of the members who will be charged by the Police who claimed his song is satirical – yes the song was done a few years back but is currently being used as the soundtrack to this protest. Unfortunately I cannot see the satire, the constructive social criticism, normally relative to satire, in the song escapes me but take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

A Flair for duplication; When magazines regurgitate old stories…

Has it really come to this? Are we such a nation of lazy bums and uninspired twerps that we are resorting to reprinting an article which can be found in the same magazine back in September 2010?

Flicking through last Sunday’s Flair magazine I had a very odd sense of deja vu. The photos in the magazine looked familiar and at first I thought I had seen an article about this particular house on Homeworks. But then, while continuing flicking through, a typo hit me straight in the face. No I hadn’t seen this article in Homeworks, I had seen this same article in Flair, WITH THE SAME MISTAKE, and blogged about it in an article titled; The lost art of proofreading in local publications.

it’s more OF a room, not more OR a room


On the bottom you can see this is a May 2012 publication of Flair

I was gobsmacked, and worst of it all I still don’t know what’s worse; the fact the article was reprinted or the fact that they didn’t even bother to go through it once more to see if it all looks OK. This is the attitude which I absolutely loathe in this country, and if you’re reading this and agree then please share using the below ‘share’ buttons.

Maybe someone will take notice, and maybe some day, in a perfect world, we will have proper magazines with our Sunday newspapers, with people who actually care about what is written and printed. Not some magazine whose only purpose is to be used as a vehicle to get as much adverts crammed inside; no substance just boring, dull, pointless advertorials.

Welcome to the www Sorijiet Benedittini

Religion was never my favourite subject at school. Even though I always got really good marks I always thought that those hours learning religion could have been spent more wisely, maybe focusing a little more on my Maths. But this is not a blog about my spirituality. It’s about the newly launched website of the cloistered nuns.

Reading The Times this morning I relished the idea that a group of people which I mistakenly thought were so detached from the world around them would actually launch a website. Do pay a visit to the website, it’s full of incredibly interesting information; they even posted their daily schedule!

So, Sorijiet Benedittini in Birgu, I bid you a very warm welcome to the world wide web. 

Is Joseph Muscat the local Chuck Norris?

Reading The Malta Independent this morning I couldn’t help but giggle when I read the title to an article by Owen Bonnici. The title was reminiscent of all the Chuck Norris memes you’ll find on the internet, so I was moved to do something similar.

Joseph Muscat

Just in case you think this is all a joke, it’s not, this is the article in question. I don’t know if Owen Bonnici knew this would echo the good old Chuck Norris memes, or maybe I just have a very fertile imagination, but I just had to put it out there.

What are your thoughts?

Joseph Muscat’s image via


April Fool

My idea of an April Fool? Waking up for work at 6am on a Friday morning after a public holiday the day before. Ok so I am a little grumpy as I’m writing this today, but it’s only 10 and I already spotted some jokes which made me chuckle.

First one I spotted was on LinkedIn. On the right hand side of the screen, where normally you have a list of people you might know, you’ll also find some notable people including Albert Einstein, Sherlock Holmes and my favourite Robin Hood (Activist/ Chief Fundraiser at Nottingham). Unfortunately when you try adding Robin Hood to your network it will also ask you for his email, so no luck there, but kudos to the guys and gals and LinkedIn.

Kudos also goes to, who ran a story about Malta wanting to co-host the 2026 World Cup with Cyprus. Maybe it was a little too obvious but you’d be surprised about how many people actually fell for it.

The lost art of proofreading in local publications.


My job involves a substantial amount of local media monitoring. During my many adventures of newspaper/online reading I came across a couple of epic fails which I just had to share.

Refreshing , every now and again you will definitely come across one of these:

In all fairness these mistakes are usually rectified within minutes but I cannot help but giggle when a journalist reports how a man ended up reporting himself missing.

The next was on the August/September issue of the Economic Update. What makes this mistake a disaster is the fact that it’s not in the main text, but in the subtitle of the article in large print. That’s the one: CEO of he Vivendo Group.

Next is probably one of the biggest shames of all. Flair, a glossy local lifestyle magazine which is distributed with the Independent on Sunday, is in my opinion one of the best presented Sunday supplements. It’s also one of my favorites, together with Homeworks (which is distributed by The Sunday TImes). Once again the typo hits you right in the face and proceeds to whooping your ass.

A real shame considering it was a well written article with great photography.

I see many more of these, but these are the ones which I just HAD to reach for my phone camera and take a picture of. And while we’re on the subject, can someone please tell me since when facebook stats are so important? Surely one can do better journalism than searching for a facebook group.

Ir-Realta and the issue of ‘Li Tkisser Sewwi’


Today the guys at Ir-Realta were kind enough to send me a copy of their latest newspaper issue which caused so much furore because of a published short story written by Alex Vella Gera. My conclusion? What is this drama all about? I would understand why the chaplain’s eyes burnt as he was reading the short story and had to go say a couple of hail Mary’s but in no way I would expect him to want a ban on the issue. Actually I wouldn’t expect the chaplain to go running to the rector, and ask for the issue to be pulled from the University and later for the editor to be questioned by the police. Yes, let it sink in guys so you know in what kind of country we’re living in, the police got involved.

The language is pretty harsh but it’s nothing you’ve never heard before. If anyone bothers to pick up a book, it’s nothing you’ve never read before either. And I’m not just referring to foreign published books but also ones published locally; ‘Zerafa’ by Immanuel Mifsud for instance, is way more graphic and stark than ‘Li Tkisser Sewwi’. The latest poems by Mario Azzopardi can be equally as provocative and explicit, and the works of Guze Stagno? Well they don’t call him L’enfant terrible of Maltese literature for nothing.

The only issue I have with the short story is its use of Minglish, but I guess the author was aiming at a colloquial stream of consciousness, so all is fair.

I still cannot believe it’s 2009 and we are censoring the arts. It puts everything into perspective when you consider why we lack talent on these small islands. What would you end up with when most of our artists decide to leave the country to pursue their dream in the modern world, while the ones who stay, are simply put in shackles every time one tries to push the boundaries. How can creativity ever flourish in such an environment?


According to kvella via twitter(, Issue 8 of Ir-Realta, should be online next week.

>Honey, it’s a blog!

>Starting a new blog about my writings and photography.

It will hopefully showcase what I’m currently upto, and serve as a portfolio for my works. This being my first post I’m quite excited and can’t wait to hit the ‘publish post’ button.

So here goes!