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From Malta Tagħna Lkoll to Malta Tagħna Biss. The PL slogan which is slowly turning against its creators.

It was the slogan which won Labour its landslide victory back in March 2013 but Malta Tagħna Lkoll has been slowly taking a life of its own and rearing its ugly head. This all seems to have started back then when prisoners were given a 100 day amnesty resulting in 143 prisoners walking free. Many… Read More »

Welcome to the www Sorijiet Benedittini

Religion was never my favourite subject at school. Even though I always got really good marks I always thought that those hours learning religion could have been spent more wisely, maybe focusing a little more on my Maths. But this is not a blog about my spirituality. It’s about the newly launched website of the… Read More »

Is Joseph Muscat the local Chuck Norris?

Reading The Malta Independent this morning I couldn’t help but giggle when I read the title to an article by Owen Bonnici. The title was reminiscent of all the Chuck Norris memes you’ll find on the internet, so I was moved to do something similar. Just in case you think this is all a joke,… Read More »

April Fool

My idea of an April Fool? Waking up for work at 6am on a Friday morning after a public holiday the day before. Ok so I am a little grumpy as I’m writing this today, but it’s only 10 and I already spotted some jokes which made me chuckle. First one I spotted was on… Read More »