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An End-of-Year Special: The 9 unsung Maltese heroes of 2013

Keeping with tradition, the last day of 2013 is all about recounting the year gone by. The major newspapers all came out with their most read stories and their reviews but I feel like something is missing. No media outlet is singing the praises of the 2013 Maltese heroes. Those people who in the past… Read More »

We should really thank Magistrate Carol Peralta.

Magistrate Carol Peralta managed to unite all of us regardless of political party colour. What better gift could have been given to the people of Malta this Christmas? This Christmas Carol (pun intended, even though it’s been countless times) started yesterday evening when The Times reported one of its journalists was arrested. The journalist, Ivan… Read More »

The good, the bad, and the ugly – Nicholas Azzopardi, JPO and Franco Debono in the Serkin Brawl

Let me start by saying that all parties in this story are bad. Regardless of who provoked who, getting into a fist fight because of your partisan beliefs is idiotic. It is even more idiotic to get into such brawls if you hold a certain position of respect be it a Chairmanship or a Commissioner… Read More »