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D Day (first hurdle)

No I’m not referring to the Normandy landings back in 1944. Today in Malta, the Parliament is currently debating the Divorce Motion. Later on in the day MPs will be asked to vote on the Opposition’s motion for the holding of a referendum. Unfortunately my connection to the House of Parliament’s stream wasn’t the best… Read More »

When the rants come out

Being sick at home gives me some time to write about things I wouldn’t normally write about. These writings tend to consist mainly in rants. Rants I try to forget about during the week. Normally I manage because these rants are pushed aside by the usual happenings at work but since I’m stuck at home… Read More »


Don’t you just love the online world? You refresh the MaltaToday website and there it is, a glorious picture of Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, looking as fine as… well umm… ever? Today was actually the first time I noticed he has that certain pizzaz. Pictures courtesy of MaltaToday Now I know our politicians aren’t the kind… Read More »