I had written the below a few years back for LittleRock.com.mt. Let me know if there are other things you do while in traffic.

Do you have to leave your house an hour before you’re due to start work even though you only need to make your way from Paola to St. Julian’s, a journey which normally takes just above 15 minutes?

Since the schools have started many of us find themselves spending ungodly hours in traffic. It’s evil, and unfortunately, necessary unless your job offers flexible working hours. So much time is wasted performing the put your gear in first, break, handbrake motion that you might as well start doing something useful while waiting around for cars to unjam, so here are a few suggestions.

Learn a new language

Or simply try refreshing one you learnt at school. Load your music player with many of the learn it yourself guides that are available in so many languages and you’re good to go. You will ace your pronunciation and next time you go to Paris you might just understand what the barista says after you order your pain au chocolat.

Read a book

Many books nowadays can also be bought as an audiobook and what better way to get yourself some culture than by having someone read you a book? Want some inspiration? Try out the amazing Neil Gaiman who reads out his own audiobooks. They are fantastic!

Sing your heart out

There is no better way to let go of unwanted stress and frustration than singing. If you’re a little self conscious put the windows up, then put on your favourite Taylor Swift (or guy’s equivalent) song and sing to your hearts content. It’s been proven that singing releases endorphins and also boosts confidence.

Take a time-out

See the time you spend in your car as ‘me time’. When entering the car make sure you leave outside your usual thoughts about what to cook for dinner and what report is due at work. Instead think of more fun things such as plans for the weekend or where you would like to go on your next holiday.


OK so you might not be able to do your marathon training while stuck in your car but you can do some breathing exercises which will help you face the rest of the day in a more positive way. Take deep breaths, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth while focusing on your chest movements. Namaste!

Don’t forget to let us know how you use your ‘in traffic’ time in the comments section below.