Local memes are getting better and better. With politics being such an important part of the Maltese social sphere many of our memes tend to revolve around it.

After MalliaGate or BridgeGate or whatever you want to call it, the internet was flooded with “OK Sieħbi” and “Enerġija Pożittiva” memes. Some got a little repetitive but then some others were pure gold like my personal favourites below.




This is some quality stuff, but nothing could have prepared me for this video by The Comedy Knights. It’s a promo for their Comedy Knights Christmas Comedy Cavalcade and it really made my morning.

It’s a rendition of Shaggy’s Wasn’t Me and recounts the conversation between two Sliemiżi and the angst that one of them has for voting Labour in the last election. They mention things such as the sale of passports, Muscat’s pushback threats and all the meritocracy which has now gone down the drain.

My personal favourite part has to be the bit at the end where the friend thinks that Labour are only in power for 2 years. Just for this gem I’ll surely be grabbing myself 2 tickets to go watch these Comedy Knights. Kudos to you!

Show starts on the 26th December until the 3rd of January. Tickets available from ticketline.com.mt.