sai mizzi

Who wouldn’t want to be Sai Mizzi when they grow up, it’s probably one of the best jobs out there.

Having Energy and Health Minister Konrad Mizzi as a hubby wouldn’t be so bad. He’s reasonably good-looking for a politician and seems to be quite intelligent too (now that’s a combo which is hard to come by). We also both worked for Enemalta at some point so we could have a few stories to share over a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. Actually scratch that, it’s summer, let’s go for a chilled Chablis.

Then there are all the other benefits! Even though I am the Minister’s wife the government will have no qualms about directly appointing me as a special envoy to China, without a call for application too. Oh and the wage that goes with that is apparently the same as an ambassador’s.

I’d still won’t be 100% sure about what my job would entail – I’m guessing turning up to a few meetings and maybe getting a Chinese company to set up a free trade zone in Malta would do – but I do have enough information about the wage and benefits that I will get.

Let me list them here*;

So my taxable salary would be around €33,000 while my non taxable salary would be around €40,000. I’ll have a nice settling-in allowance and a Rep allowance of around €6,000. A child allowance and educational allowance of around €20,000. Then there would be free medical care, dental care, an outfit allowance (say what?), fixed telephone service, mobile phone expenses will be fully paid too. And let’s not forget a fully paid residence, use of an official car plus fuel and of course business class flights y’all. Ka-ching on my Emirates miles! 

All in all that would rank up around €160,000 a year. Sounds like a good deal to me. Well so are the perks of being the Minister’s wife.

Of course when I’m asked a legitimate question by the largest newspaper in Malta I’ll just lie to their faces and tell them that anyone who believes I have more than €3,000 a month must be suffering from a lower than average IQ. After all that’s how we handle media in the country I’m an envoy for. 

Yes, life as Sai Mizzi is definitely something to aspire to!

*Sai Mizzi’s contract is available on the Times of Malta