I read with incredulity an article on The Guardian which said that Malta is one of the most spied on countries in Europe according to recent data made public by Vodafone.

If you were worried about what the word privacy meant as a consequence of Snowden’s leak then this will have you ditch your mobile phone line and start using otter applications on your smart phone which let you make calls over VoiP.

What is most worrying is that Malta is one of the states (together with Albania, Egypt, Hungary, India, Qatar, Romania, South Africa and Turkey) who said that it would be unlawful to disclose any kind of information regarding the content which was intercepted or wiretapped over the mobile network.

According to data by the Malta Communications Authority, by the beginning of 2013, Vodafone had a market share of 50.38%. During the same year the total number of mobile subscribers stood at 539,452, meaning that Vodafone’s subscriber base is around 271,776.

Of these 3,773 were wiretapped or intercepted in 2013, or to put it in simpler terms 1.4% – which leads itself to the question – do we have so many criminals in Malta or is there something else going on?

Vodafone malta spying

Per percentage of the population Malta was only surpassed by Italy in the these numbers, however, since the Mafia in Italy need a lot of policing this is understandable. But whereas all this information is disclosed by the Italian Government in Parliament, in Malta, the Government said it was unlawful to disclose information of how and what kind of content was intercepted.

This data is only available for half of the population of Malta and we still have no idea what kind of information Go and Melita provide to the government. The way this information is being provided to the Government is cause for concern but what is most worrying is the lack of transparency of how this is being done.

The Government has a lot to answer for one question is pertinent – Why is at least 1.4% of half the population of Malta being spied on?