Well of course this week this happened;

It’s finally over, well at least I hope it is. The IIP debate has taken too much of a center stage and other, equally as important, issues have been taking center stage. The best tweet on the matter probably came via the lovely Kristina Chetcuti.

I can’t hide the fact I’m a big fan of Saviour Balzan’s videoblog. He’s a vlog pioneer locally and they to tend to be quite hard hitting, probably more than his weekly MaltaToday columns. This weak was a particularyl vicious one. It was all about how Sandro Chetcuti, a canvasser for the PL in last March’s election, has been nominated as chairman to the Malta Developer’s Association which leads to a conflict of interest. Amongst other things Sandro Chetcuti is said to be a “żatat” and “wieħed li jħobb jippoppa sidru“.

Have a look at the video for Saviour Balzan’s opinion on the matter:

Kevin Plumpton, PN MEP candidate and president of MŻPN didn’t think twice about posting a message on Facebook in the hope of attracting a few followers. Instead he attracted a shit storm when he posted the following on his Facebook page;


After all was said and done it seems like Plumpton is still an MEP candidate, but I wonder if he received Simon Busuttil’s blessing before he posted this:

If you are a fan of design have a look at the latest government gazette which features the “Industrial Property Registrations Directorate Notices

You’re welcome!