Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival
Such beautiful people seem to attend these kind of events. The Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival is definitely a welcome change from the usual artsy fartsy scene. Don’t get me wrong, I like the usual artsy fartsy scene but the crowd at this event is something special. I mean when was the last time you were surrounded by peeps who actually wanted to listen?
The festival came to an end way too quickly and I really wish I could have savoured every minute of it, at least every minute of one whole evening.
I did manage to catch the readings of Nikola Madzirov and I definitely wanted more. The interview which followed Madzirov’s reading was even more interesting. Nikola really has a way with words even though it is apparent that English is not his first language. Despite this, the way he described experiences and instances during his interview with Glen Calleja was almost poetry in itself. Needless to say I had a mini orgasm when he mentioned Derrida and the way he sees the art of writing.
It was a beautiful evening, but that goes without saying. It is one of those events that I never miss and it is probably the only one which holds such a special place in my heart.
The evening, and the festival, ended with a grande finale of readings from all the authors with Karl Schembri forever ruining my romantic image of airports.
Looking forward to next year, I once find myself asking why the hell didn’t I attend more than just one night of this wonderful festival. So it really needs to be said: Guys at Inizjamed, thank you! And please continue setting up such awesome events.