Let me start by saying that all parties in this story are bad. Regardless of who provoked who, getting into a fist fight because of your partisan beliefs is idiotic. It is even more idiotic to get into such brawls if you hold a certain position of respect be it a Chairmanship or a Commissioner of Law (another dent in the Malta Taghna lkoll slogan).

Truth is, no one will ever really know what actually happened in Rabat at 5 am on Sunday 4th of August 2013. Why? Because we will get two different versions from both sides and the truth will be somewhere in middle. Having said that there are still a few conclusions to be made – the good, the bad, and the ugly, that is.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good. 
Without any shadow of a doubt The Good here is Serkin’s pastizzi. I mean, honestly, those pastizzi ARE the best you’ll ever find on the island, the guy is open almost around the clock and the service is always delivered with a smile. What more could you ask for?

The Bad. 
Even though the truth will never come to surface The Bad ones here are JPO and Franco Debono. Even if JPO was provoked he should know better not to get into these kind of situations. And what to say for Franco Debono? Well he too should be steering clear of any trouble, especially the partisan kind. In a few versions of the story, Franco Debono is said to “intervene”. Why on earth would he do that? He might be the Law Commissioner but he is not the Police. JPO posted a message on this Facebook wall titled “PROVOKAZZJONI SFACCATA U MOQZIEZA” (a blatant and disgraceful provocation) a a few hours after the incident saying “It is obvious that his intention was to provoke a serious incident.” So if this was obvious why didn’t you just take your pastizzi take-away and leave the scene?

The Ugly.
Waking up on Sunday to the news that politicians were involved in partisan brawls is ugly. Whoever mouthed the first provocation and whoever threw the first punch it is shameful that there are fights of petty political nature. What is more shameful is ganging up on someone because of his beliefs. Instead of having politicians (hey these are after all there to serve the people) calm the situation down and calling the Police, they themselves get involved and then act as the victims. I’m with J’accuse on this one, it really is a Banana Republic.