Seems like Dr Manuel Mallia, the Home Affairs Minister just cannot catch a break and bad PR seems to be buzzing around him more than flies do on a hot summer day.

The bad PR juju seems to have started as soon as the 100 day amnesty was given to all the prisoners at Corradino and, since then, it’s been a slow and aching journey downhill. No wonder Ramona Attard has that kind of salary, she must be suffering from a few sleepless nights with kerfuffle after kerfuffle going on.

Just recently we heard about Minister Mallia interviewing secret service recruits, and on Friday we heard the news of police members doubling as chefs and waiters at an official banquet, unrelated to the police corps, organised by the same Ministry.

Even the firing from TVHemm/transfer of Norman Vella back to the Immigration Office was handled incredibly badly and ended up creating another dent in the Ministry, and its head, Dr Mallia’s reputation.

Now to make matters even worse The Times of Malta published a story about the Ministry’s Chief of Staff, Silvio Scerri, demanding the arrest of the Security head at the Isle of MTV event for not allowing ‘unaccredited persons’ access to the VIP area.

Mr Scerri is saying that this is nothing but a ‘storm in a teacup’, unfortunately he fails to realise that the rest of us are seeing this as one great abuse of power. As things stand, he better zip his mouth and apologise at once. We all do mistakes, and while using your powers and asking for someone to be arrested, even as a joke, is just not on, gaffes happen to everyone, so simply say you were wrong and we’ll move on.

As the saying in Maltese goes fuq tlieta toqgħod il-borma (things usually come in threes) and Ramona Attard together the PR guru surely have a long week ahead of them.

Silvio Scerri

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