First of all I want to thank you all for sharing and supporting this little crusade of mine. Within a few hours the blog was viewed by more than 1000 people.

After the outcry on social media channels something must have resonated with Transforma because at around 13:00 yesterday they issued an apology;

Official Apology
10th June 2013

The Management and Directors of Transforma would like to extend their apologies to their clients and the general public alike for any offense or distress caused following the publication of the above advert.

The Company would like to assure all that the advert was never intended to target eating, body weight, body image and/or thoughts about one’s self or insinuate that being skinny equals perfection.

The way the advert was interpreted (it’s not our fault) and viewed by many was not what the Company wished to portray and put across at any time and the feedback received runs counter to Transforma’s values as a company and its standards of professionalism.

The thought behind the advert was to promote and extend the variety of services listed beneath the picture for men and women independently and not as a form of negative criticism in any way.

The Company’s decision of going against the traditional slim and perfect figure (both for the male & female models) was due to the Adam and Eve concept and was intended to welcome and offer the Company’s services to both males and females whatever their size, cosmetic or beauty needs may be.

Transforma’s extensive clientele can vouch that we always took personal interest and pride from our clients’ successful treatments and that we have always supported them financially or otherwise in ensuring they reached their desired goals. Their success is OURS.

We personally take liability for this advert and assure you that all future marketing concepts will be analysed in extended detail in order to avoid a repeat misinterpretation (get it? You misinterpreted).

The Company deeply regrets any disrespect this advert has caused and once again apologises to all.

Well thanks, but no thanks Transforma. This is not you admitting to making a mistake, this sounds more of an ‘I’m sorry you didn’t understand the advert’ apology, that is, not an apology at all.  

Transforma advert Malta

Since it seems you have no problem treating the rest of us like fools I have no problem telling you, you are idiots for not taking anything away from this. This was a great opportunity for you to show the rest of us that you really care about the well being of the customers and not how much fat and money you can suck out of them through lipo.

Also Transforma, together with some segments of the public, which are mainly found trolling the TimesofMalta comment boards, seem to not be able to grasp what was wrong with this advert, or why people suddenly turned ‘so sensitive’.

I personally wasn’t offended by it, I was disgusted, which is very much different. I was disgusted by the fact that you are trying to dictate what perfection is, and in turn implying you can help other people achieve such perfection. I was disgusted by the fact that you decided to use a beautiful, curvaceous yet unhappy female body in the foreground and a man pleading for help in the background. I am disgusted by the fact that you are trying to say that being overweight is disgusting.

You can call me over sensitive as much as you want but I, and I’m sure I’m not alone, have struggled with weight all my life. I have a condition called PCOS and even though I follow a healthy diet and try and exercise every day I still find it hard to lose weight.

Dear Transforma, do you know how that advert makes me feel? Humiliated and filled with shame. Thankfully, I know I shouldn’t run to the toilet as soon as I have eaten dinner, but what if that thought crossed someone else’s mind after seeing your advert? Have you even stopped to think of the ramifications your advert might have had on a person struggling with their weight? Or did you think they would have all come flocking to your clinic? Do you even care about the stress that advert puts on people trying to lose weight?

Fat shaming is WRONG. And if I hear someone else commenting about how fat people cause the rest of society to pay more taxes, or some other stupid reasoning about why the advert is not wrong,  I swear I will go find the Tarxien dude and eat half a truckful of his donuts.

You know what would’ve actually been good PR? If Transforma had realised the error of their ways. But that seems like wishful thinking at this point. The only thing Transforma have taken away from all this is that Facebook is in fact a powerful tool, and in fact they have now started a Facebook advertising campaign.

Transforma apology

And just in case you had any doubt about a carveacous woman being beautiful, check out the sizzling hot Magda, featuredin the latest video by Gypsy Genes, Red Hot Money.