Few things get my heart pumping to the extreme that I will contact a government authority and request action to be taken. This is a quick story about one of these things, and from the bottom of my heart I am asking you to please help me.

While browsing Facebook I came across a shared post about an advert by Transforma. I will be sharing the details here as this was publicly shared on Facebook and I really hope the person who originally shared the post doesn’t mind.

Ann in her post said;

I was reading one of the Sunday magazines this morning and came across this preposterous advert by Transforma Cosmetic Clinic. Not only is it extremely sexist, but it is also disseminating the idea that perfection (insinuated by this advert as being not like this woman) can actually be achieved. Thousands of girls (and boys too, mind you) die every year because they starve themselves to reach this so-called state of perfection.

Marketing their products in this manner is extremely disgusting and I hope never to see this advert, or any shamelessly derogatory statement by them, ever again.

The advert in question is this one;

Transforma advert

I am in complete agreement with Ann. The advert is nothing but shameful. The most disgusting thing about it is the man in the background asking for help – like the woman in the foreground was so abhorrent only God can help him.

As Ann says, not only is this advert sexist but it is also promoting an idea that a fat woman cannot be beautiful, or in the words of the advert itself, cannot be ‘perfect’.

Transforma, according to their website, is a ‘cosmetic clinic’ and ‘forms part of the Saint James Hospital Group’. And since they offer medical services, their adverts need to abide to the ethical considerations imposed by the Medical Council. So what happened here? Was the Medical Council involved in the screening of this advert, or were they simply bypassed? Whereas a medical institution should promote health, here we have a medical institution promoting thinspiration.

The Code of Ethics on ADVERTISING and FINANCIAL CONDUCT by Medical and Dental practitioners, which you can download here, clearly states the following;

‘Advertisements must be subject to review by the Medical Council in order to assess that they give objective advice and do not make use of photos or slogans that are, or may be interpreted to be deceptive in nature. Clear examples are the use of images of young people, exploitation of the female body, and slogans that in themselves are deceptive and manipulative.’

This advert is in breach of the above, and this is where I need your help. Email the Medical Council and express your opinions about this advert, or you can copy the email below.

Email the Medical Council here 

Transforma advert

I think the Transforma advert is in breach of the Code of Ethics on Advertising by Medical/Dental practitioners. It is shameful that a medical institution uses blatant stereotypes to market their products. The advert is manipulative and derogatory and should not be allowed to be published. I ask the Medical Council to take the necessary steps and I sincerely hope that Transforma issue a public apology.

Transforma need to make a public  apology and stop using adverts which demean the female body. You can make a difference, so please spread the word and share this with your friends.

UPDATE – Check out my follow up blogpost about Transforma’s apology by clicking here.