Clearly there is something wrong with our justice system. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why violence never seems to be properly punished, and if it is, it never feels like justice has been made.

I am of course referring to the latest judgement given to an AFM soldier who was violent towards his wife during their separation. This seems to be happening more and more often, but then again what would you expect when we live in times when an affluent, former politician, chair of the Saint James Hospital Group, is quoted as saying that women often provoke men into violence?

Even if provocation is the case, violence is never the answer, and condemning such acts is not enough, the justice system should be sending out clearer messages.

The Times reports; “Before jailing him, Magistrate Giovanni Grixti said Mr Psaila was not a first-time offender and, considering the torture he put his wife through, he would not benefit from any reduction in punishment.”

What about the fact he is also an AFM soldier and that he is duty bound not to offend the peace? And this happened just a few months after it was reported that a policeman fired three shots at his wife at her place of work critically injuring her.

It feels like crimes of violence are being taken very lightly.

Take some of the most recent notorious examples;

  • Punching of protestors in Marsaxlokk – €60 fine (not even taking into consideration priors and turning up to court in shorts).
  • Man runs over another man because of a sexual slur – conditionally discharged

And yet, we still have a person serving a 12 year jail sentence for growing a marijuana plant on his own property, even when a man who raped his 3 adolescent daughters was only given 10 years of jail time.

My point is that, from where I am standing, I cannot seem to understand the weight and measures used by our legal system.

Marijuana IS illegal, and yes I do understand that a person should be punished for possession because they would be breaking the law. But why is possession of marijuana worse than violence and even worse than rape? Violence, of any kind, needs to be properly condemned.