After reading about Adrian Vassallo’s comments about liberals I changed my profile picture to that of my idol; Miss Piggy.

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I have been a liberal as long as I can remember. I am grateful to my mum and dad for not imposing their beliefs on me and instead thought me to question everything and make up my own mind about things. This has led me to be pro-divorce, pro-euthanasia, pro-choice, pro same sex marriage and pro same sex couples having kids. Having this set of beliefs does not mean that “anything goes” for me, as Adrian Vassallo seems to think. From the way he was speaking yesterday in Parliament, he probably has this vision of liberals congregating in a field in the middle of the night to take part in orgies while worshiping the god of indulgence.

(If, by any chance you are curious about what exactly Adrian Vassallo said last night in Parliament, fret not, click on this link then click on Audio File: Download and skip to 2:10:30 to hear it from the horse’s, sorry I meant dinosaur’s, mouth)

Going back to the subject at hand, it was great seeing fellow liberals on that beautiful thing called Facebook changing there profile pictures too. So there I was, ecstatic about being called a pig and seeing how the Adrian Vassallo faux pas was going to unfold; was the Labour Party going to issue an apology because one of their MPs called a whole strata of possible voters pigs? Was Adrian Vassallo going to put things into context? Was the Leader of the Opposition going to reprimand him for alienating a few liberals?

Promptly I receive the following message;

Josephine Borg · 18 mutual friends
@ Mel Hart – perhaps you are trying to make fun of adrian vassallo with that photo….. However I would like to suggest that you take a look at the mirror? – don’t you think that pig is sort of more like you (literally and kgs-wise) rather than adrian Vassallo? – funny how the saying “what goes around comes around” makes so much sense now doesn’t it?

Oh well, seems like both Josephine Borg and Adrian Vassallo like a spot of name calling. First Adrian Vassallo calling liberals pigs, and now Josephine is calling me fat – so I guess there’s no point in hiding anymore. I’m a fat liberal pig… and proud of it!

Just in case you would like to see how things unfolded, here’s a print screen. Josephine Borg also seems to have defriended me. Harrumph.

How things unfolded with Josephine Borg