A swing and a miss for Labour. They might have won the argument, but this billboard shows real lack of maturity and sensitivity.

Granted, this billboard is funny. It’s topical and nicely designed, but did the Labour Party forget about one simple word? Consequences.

This particular billboard is making fun of the fact that the famous Brazilian company mentioned in the two debates in now non-existent. The Labour Party are going on and on about the Prime Minister not getting his facts right, and since everything seems to be fair game in politics it makes sense for them to use this strategy, but at the end of the day, this billboard is making fun of a private company closing down.

What are the consequences of this? Thirty-five people who once had a job, now don’t, is this a laughing matter? I don’t think so. A company which invested in Malta closed its doors today, is this something to make fun of? Definitely not! So much for their guidelines advocating, first and foremost, economic growth.

Maybe if the Labour Party could see a little farther than their noses, maybe, just maybe, they would have noticed this is not something a political party aspiring to govern Malta should poke fun at.