taken from www.maltastar.com

Maltastar’s recent Facebook campaign to get more likes is simply destroying all the hard work the Labour marketing team have been putting into producing some quality billboards. The campaign, which was launched at the start of October, apart from conflicting greatly with the billboard’s campaign sleek designs, comes with a crass message; “Min se jirbaħ l-iPod għax jagħmel like tal-Facebook tal-Maltastar jaqbillu ma jdaħħlux miegħu meta jagħmel pipi għax jista’ jaqgħalu fit-toilet” (whoever wins the iPod better not take it with him when he goes to pee just in case it falls in the toilet).

A party which resorts to toilet humour is not the kind of party “futur li jgħaqqadna” Labour have been trying to portray so far, even if the message is constantly being attributed to a comment Austin Gatt once made. This particular campaign is a real dent in their branding, especially since it gives an impression of old Labour seeping through.