In an interview with Raphael Vassallo on last Sunday’s MaltaToday, Simon Busuttil was quoted as saying “I find the campaign disappointing so far” when speaking about the current pre-election campaign (or whatever fancy name you want to give it). Well I have three words for the MEP and PN election candidate; No shit Sherlock! One reason why the PN’s campaign seems so mediocre is because the Labour Party’s campaign has been ingenious, creative and even a little cheeky.

It has to be admitted, the Labour Party are probably more organized than the Roman Empire back in their hey days. Their primary skill is their response time, and the quality of the billboard produced is always a notch above the rest.

Even if in the past days the PN finally woke up from their slumber and offered the audience something halfway decent – the message might have been spot on but the billboard reinforces the Labour one and the photoshopping skills are just appalling – the PL campaign team turned it round to their advantage.

Unfortunately this was to be expected, the new Labour billboard is an easy dig at the Prime Minister, even if the reality might be different. The PN seem to forget the reason why everyone is putting up these illegal, fugly billboards around the island. It’s to catch the eye of your floating voter not to convert the diehards, and there are a lot of floating voters out there, including a new cluster who are digitally plugged, the smart phone generation, wirelessly connected and curious. So push the boundaries and INNOVATE. You have a new player in the mix now, and that’s Social Media, so use it to your advantage and stop trying to copy. It bores us and worst of all, alienates us.