It seems like the investigative journalism programme TX has taken to using innocent horses in their endless game of chess.

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Yesterday morning a video of the situation in the police stables was doing the rounds on the internet after it was aired on the programme the night before. The video showed horrific images of the Police’s horses stables. Cleanliness and general upkeep aside (broken tiles, dirty cooker, filthy washbasin), because these can be easily achieved by not being a lazy human being, the most shocking thing was the situation the horses were in, in particular a horse which could barely stand up and was reduced to skin and bones.

I forbid myself to watch it at first, but the angrier I got reading about it, the more I wanted to write about it. So I did, and it reduced me to tears. I was ready to go stage one of those one man protests, Moviment Graffiti are so famous for, outside the Floriana depot.

But then a press conference held a few hours after the footage went viral, gave the public a different story. It explained how the footage was 4 months old and was taken when the place was going through maintenance and restoration works. It also explained that the particular horse shown in the video has been put down because of its condition and that at the time, the Police were waiting for approval from the veterinary.

So who should we believe? Of course everyone has the right to his own opinion but one thing is for sure – at the end of the day, TX never had any of these poor animal’s wellbeing at heart, all they wanted was to simply get another dig at Lawrence Gonzi. Nothing more, nothing less, even if this meant innocent beings would have been used as mere pawns.

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