Earlier on today a 22 year old from Cospicua was jailed for seven months for breaching bail and assualting his ex-girlfriend. Not really news if you ask me but let’s move past that. What interests me in this whole story is that whenever the story made the headlines timesofmalta.com kept on using the same photo (shown below).

The photo was lifted from his Facebook and since he posted it in a public domain it can, as far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong), be shared in the public sphere, but how ethical is it? Problem is that Lydon Cutajar is shown holding up his dog by its legs with a smug look on his face, which left me feeling distraught.

The picture provoked feelings of anger, anger which multiplied when on Andrew Azzopardi’s blog I read Lydon Cutajar wrote “i kill him beacuse she dont livme sleap hehe” on his Facebook wall. I wanted to go find this little shit in jail and give him a whack or two. Thankfully looking through Facebook is easier then taking the car and driving to Corradino so I went snooping around. Admittedly, the guy looks like a right prick in most of his photos, but that is called being 22 years old. However, what I gathered is that this guy would never hurt his dog and the comment posted was a reply to some girl who asked what he had done with said dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending this guy (there are other ways to impress girls in this day and age), and he may well deserve those 7 months in jail, but I was disturbed by such media manitpulation. Would I have felt the same way if this picture was posted instead?

Or even this?

The answer is, probably not, and what if the court were influenced as I was by seeing that particular picture? I’m not saying the Court is naive or biased but isn’t that the point of wearing decent clothing, to project a certain image of youself (unless you’re one of those bullies from the Marsaxlokk camping site that is).