I am trying to understand why a ridiculous news item on MaltaToday has filled me with such rage.

This morning I voiced said rage on Facebook and Twitter and some of the responses were the following;

@melahart Miller being a private business, they can sell – or NOT SELL what they want. It’s called capitalism.

— Marco(@magnumt) August 16, 2012

@melahart @dazedmagazine but it’s a free commercial world and their job is to import what THEY LIKE.

— Jacques Rene Zammit (@jacqueszammit) August 16, 2012

@melahart The largest distributer in Malta and, I believe, a privately owned company. I guess they have the right for an opinion too.

— Ivan (@4thguy) August 16, 2012

All fair points. Truthfully I never considered this to be some sort of censorship or even a ban, and I understand that Miller Distributors, as a private company, have every right to distribute what they well please. My question is, why did they decide not to import this particular magazine. What is the basis of this so called business decision? What is the fine line between Fifty Shades of Grey which is happily stocked in Agenda and this Dazed and Confused cover? Maybe it’s the visuals, but then again, what is the difference between this particular visual and those of Playboy and FHM which again are happily imported by Miller?

Essentially the cover promotes safe sex. Something which, let’s face it, needs to be properly reinforced in our little island. Fifteen years ago, I got all my sexual education from MTV Italia. Thank goodness for that station. Imagine my surprise when at 14 I learnt that condoms also prevent STIs, that’s certainly not something I learnt from school. So why are Miller so appalled by an image which promotes safe sex for women?

Going through all these questions there is one answer which seems to make most sense to me. The decision makers at Miller aren’t happy with WOMEN EXPRESSING SEXUAL FREEDOM. They are more than happy to import magazines which objectify women but the moment a woman is seen as strong and in control then we have trouble, and we rewind back to the middle ages (or the 1990s in Malta) where women were there as dinner preparing, house cleaning, pleasure giving, breeding machines.

So yes, that is why I’m enraged at this whole thing. Alas, Malta is still a closed patriarchal society, or else it is going to be until we have archaic people making all the decisions. And yes I am well aware by Miller Distributor’s latest comment. To me, it still doesn’t make things any better.