It seems like Franco Debono’s blog is the new online place to be. Very hard to comprehend how such a poorly written blog can attract so many visits. It’s uncanny how he just posts a blog and within minutes it’s filled with comments!

Well yes this is me being incredibly jealous, I have no trouble admitting it. I sweat little droplets of blood trying to write something which is coherent and which might be of interest, but it seems that all the general public wants is lack of grammar, spouting of accusations and a platform to in turn continue with the appalling writing and the spouting of more accusations.

However I admire Franco Debono for keeping this up, he posts religiously. The question is, is that enough to really convey his message to those among us who are skeptical of all this fluff? My answer for now is leaning towards the NO. There are some things which really irritate me, and make me immediately dismiss any argument he’s trying to keep up;

His sentence structure;

Franco Debono is a lawyer first and foremost, meaning he’s spent a considerable amount of time at University, meaning he should know how to formulate a sentence right? Wrong…

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His thinking in Maltese, and half translating to English

Not much to say apart from the fact that at his level of education I expect a little more

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His childish name calling

We all know who you are referring to so stop acting childish and call a spade a spade. Coming out with creative names will not win you points in any department other than the mediocre one. What’s been done below – VERY petty!

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Having said all this, I want to personally say thanks to Franco Debono for taking the time to create his blog. The amount of traffic Google sends my way with the search terms “Franco Debono Blog” is quite astounding. And for those who are reading this blog just for the link, here it is;

One word of advice Dr Debono, the things you are writing are published in black and white, meaning that once they are out there you CANNOT take them back.