It is no secret that I am an avid social media harlot, and these past few months I have been keeping an eye out on how politics are being played out in the social media sphere locally. You might want to read my take on how the three main parties are using Twitter and who is winning the election in 142 characters, or maybe you would like to take a look at twitter comments which were posted after the resignation of Richard Cachia Caruana as Permanent Representative.

Social media is my passion and after so many years of dabbling within it I do have some tips and tricks. So here is one for whoever is taking care of Joseph Muscat’s Twitter page; DO NOT RETWEET ADVERTS.

There you go, it’s been announced here first; Joseph Muscat is doing MANGANO’s PR. What is your take on this? And most importantly, what would Kurt Calleja have looked like without Mangano?