Richard Cachia Caruana, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Only in Malta, oh so many three letter acronyms.

As I was browsing Facebook today I came across a status update my Immanuel Mifsud saying “Tqażżiżt naqra “Only in Malta” għal affarijiet li xbajt narahom kull fejn ersaqt. Kull darba li naqra din ir-reazzjoni nieħu l-impressjoni li hawn min qatt ma ħareġ minn dar ommu u missieru.” (I’m fed up of seeing “Only in Malta” comments for things which I’ve experienced over and over again in every other place I’ve been. Every time I read this reaction I get the impression that there are some people who haven’t ventured out of mummy’s and daddy’s house).

Too true, in fact, I immediately liked the status. The Only in Malta fad was funny when it first made its rounds on the internet, well in all honestly, it still is a little funny. But when you start repeatedly seeing it on the comment boards every time an article in published, from some baby having a stupid name, to a story about a short power cut then it becomes mundane, and frankly quite idiotic. Immanuel Mifsud’s status update cannot be more appropriate.

However, I have to say it – Only in Malta is the Permanent Representative forced to resign after the Government fails to win the majority on a resignation motion which was brought up under such spurious grounds.

Hungary’s President resigning over plagiarism scandal – yes that sounds fair, the Dutch Prime Minister having to resign over austerity measures – I totally get that, but for someone to be forced to resign because of what seems from my side of the screen, a personal vendetta? That sounds quite childlike.

Truth be told I’m still trying to understand this whole Wikileaks debacle. I read and reread the very comprehensive articles of both The Times and MaltaToday on the matter, and the more I read the more the mind boggles. I still have no idea why there was a motion in Parliament in the first place, if the AG didn’t find anything wrong with what happened.

Not a week goes past that Labour doesn’t ask for someone’s resignation, and now we’ve been served with the second one. Statistically, it was meant to happen really, but what will our fellow compatriots at the EU say. Basically Malta’s ambassador has just been forced out NOT because of some scandal, or of any wrong doings but because JPO doesn’t like him, and apparently neither does Jesmond Mugliett? Well hello Malta being the laughing stock of the EU and congrats to Stefan Zrinzo for that VERY funny comment on Twitter;

Such a joker he is, only surpassed by Glenn Bedingfield really;

I mean, what’s wrong with the opposition’s activists making fun of our political situation in such hard times? This simply means they are a step closer to getting into power, no? Never mind the national interest. This is where I lose all my hopes in democracy.