Last Thursday I felt alone. Normally, on nights such as the Eurovison semi-final I’m on fire. A TV and a laptop with an internet connection is all I need for what I consider to be a fun night in, interacting with followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter. This year, it will be different – I am boycotting the 2012 Eurovision song contest which is being held in Azerbaijan. 

The reasons are plenty. I will not go into the long discussion of why Malta even bothers to take part in such a pointless contest. Year after year the song quality simply goes downhill as countries seem to send their worst acts to the finals, hoping their song won’t win for fears of having to host next year’s edition because it would simply be too expensive and not worth the money spent. Ireland are sending Jedward for heaven’s sake, doesn’t that ring any bells?

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Malta. Maybe it’s the lack of “patriotism” which we can celebrate. I mean Maltesers love nothing more than a local making it abroad; Joseph Calleja, Michael Mifsud, some shooter at the Olympics. We don’t have football teams we can eagerly support, and few events where we can fly the Maltese flag. The Eurovision is one of them, so I understand its popularity, amidst its mediocrity.

Held in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Eurovision this year unwillingly opened up pandora’s box. For those of us willing to read about the hard truths around us, the stories about Azerbaijan have been, to say the least, shocking. A country which, before now, I knew little about, suddenly became a country which has no regard for human rights, kills stray animals in a bid to “cleanse” the streets and releases countless reassurances that, no they are not homophobic, as long as you don’t live in Azerbaijan.

So yes, those are the reasons I will not be watching the Eurovision tonight. I will not recklessly forget about what I’ve read the past months, and while I know this stance will probably amount to nothing, I just hope some people will read this blog and open their eyes to the realities around us.

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