Has it really come to this? Are we such a nation of lazy bums and uninspired twerps that we are resorting to reprinting an article which can be found in the same magazine back in September 2010?

Flicking through last Sunday’s Flair magazine I had a very odd sense of deja vu. The photos in the magazine looked familiar and at first I thought I had seen an article about this particular house on Homeworks. But then, while continuing flicking through, a typo hit me straight in the face. No I hadn’t seen this article in Homeworks, I had seen this same article in Flair, WITH THE SAME MISTAKE, and blogged about it in an article titled; The lost art of proofreading in local publications.

it’s more OF a room, not more OR a room


On the bottom you can see this is a May 2012 publication of Flair

I was gobsmacked, and worst of it all I still don’t know what’s worse; the fact the article was reprinted or the fact that they didn’t even bother to go through it once more to see if it all looks OK. This is the attitude which I absolutely loathe in this country, and if you’re reading this and agree then please share using the below ‘share’ buttons.

Maybe someone will take notice, and maybe some day, in a perfect world, we will have proper magazines with our Sunday newspapers, with people who actually care about what is written and printed. Not some magazine whose only purpose is to be used as a vehicle to get as much adverts crammed inside; no substance just boring, dull, pointless advertorials.