Yes! A lot has changed…

Since I wrote my last blog about the two main political parties on Twitter quite a few things seemed to have changed on the twittersphere. Back in January, the PN were in a very sorry Twitter state, shameful would probably have been the best word, and the PL were slightly in advantage, not doing great mind you, but decently.

Three months have passed and the PN have blossomed – impeccable activity, use of hashtags, adding media to their tweets. The launch of seems to have a very positive influence. Their Klout score (which actually measures an account’s influence on followers) has gone up from 20 to 36.

On the other hand the PL’s Klout score has gone from 32 to 26. Why? Well because they still use Twitter to regurgitate whatever they say on Facebook. At this point I am even doubting if they actually know their Twitter password.