Specifically those thoughts about Nikita Alamngo’s blog about the launch of mychoice.pn

Airports; don’t you just love them? In the age of web check in, even if I do check in online I still like coming to the airport earlier so I can stay at some departure gate coffee shop. I just love the feeling of transit, that feeling of going somewhere different, and with Apple by my side, I’m never bored.

At this moment in time I’m waiting to board a flight to London and I’m killing a little bit of time going through my RSS feed. Apart from the fun blogs of Snuffalicious and the sweet blogs of Claire’s Online Chronicles, I also read some bitterness from Nikita Alamango. My oh my, what an angry, full of resentment, blog that was.

She talks about the launch of the PN’s electoral website; www.mychoice.pn, and she seems to be really ticked off that the PN want to engage with the people. She seems to be really pissed off because now Lawrence Gonzi wants to talk, when till now he has never listened. Without going into the merits of how accurate that is, I think the launch of this website is a very positive thing,

When Franco Debono had his 15 minutes in the spotlight and there was a feeling that a general election was in sight for March 2012, I blogged about the state of the Twitter accounts of Malta’s 3 parties. You can read my conclusions here, but in a nutshell my view was that none of the parties were using Social Media properly; there was no engaging with the people, it was mere one way communication.

With the launch of mychoice.pn, the PN are addressing just that, the vacuum of two way communication online. The website is in itself engaging; inviting you to share your thoughts and connect through Facebook and Twitter, and if you have any questions, there is even an explanatory video by Lawrence Gonzi in form of a mini FAQ. Thumbs up also on the design which is fresh and flowy. Probably the only disconcerting thing about the whole website is the fact that a user needs to submit an email, mobile number and an ID card number to get exclusive access. While I understand why this has been done (I assume it’s to keep away spammers and time wasters), I’m a little concerned about a certain group of users, which this website is targeting, which won’t be too happy about giving up such information.

But back to Nikita Alamango and her rants, which by all means I’m not dissing. She expressed her opinions, I read, digested and am ready to give my own. Her blog reads like the usual columns on Orizzont; “we, the people, have the right to *insert anything you aspire to here” because that is what our European brothers and sisters have”. OK fair enough, but don’t stop at the tip of your nose. Everyone cannot have everything, and you would be foolish to say that everyone has nothing. Also, whatever happened to working hard for what you want. Why are we living in a country where people expect to be given what they want?

“Students aspire to the possibility of finding job straight out of University and not have education become a political ball in the hands of politicians.”

Well yes that’s what everyone aspires to, but it doesn’t mean that that is what happens. Not everyone manages to find a job straight out of University, especially when we find ourselves in continuos global economic instability. I for one spent a year working in a customer care department, with a Masters degree, but at least I didn’t have to worry about a €30,000 loan I had to take to complete my studies. Nikita seems to forget our education system is not only free but you also get an allowance, which is weird considering she still is a student.

She goes on to attack many other things such as the pensions, free medicines, the free healthcare, and yet again I question if she even bothers to have a look at any news website bar maltastar.com, whose editor was actually the one who caused delays in ICT courses a few years back (talk about a political ball in the hand of politicians).

A rant answered with a rant I guess, but at least I got some things off my chest. I’m tired of reading these regurgitated blogs, over and over again, which go on attacking the myriad of services and opportunities we are more than lucky to have. In the real world, if you want something you have to work very hard for it. The PN may not have all the answers or solutions but neither are they blind to today’s realities.