Apart from the tedious laundry and cleaning of the house, the weekend seems to be a time where I sit down and catch up with whatever there is in the RSS reader and the latest articles I favorited on Twitter during the week.

Saturday was Kony 2012. I spent the whole week seeing both positive and negative comments about Kony2012 and Jason Russell on Facebook and Twitter, so I was curious. I first read how Jason Russell was caught masturbating and vandalizing cars whilst under the influence of whatever (not that it really matters once you’re found masturbating in public). At that point I was ready to forgive the guy for being so stupid, at least he was trying to do something with his life  Then I watched the documentary. I was disgusted; an ego-centric, narcissistic video, all about me, me, me (I also do believe the kid will loathe his father in the future for parading him in the so called documentary).

But what shocked me most was the viewership. The video on YouTube reached the 100 millions views in 6 days, which led me to think; are we that thirsty for something to fight for? Is this all we need? A cause which is presented to us well enough, in easy to consume video form? But of course it is easy to be “an activist” when all you need to do is share a video, and there you have it, you’re part of a cause. A cause which is probably doing more harm than good, but who cares, as long as that share made you feel good about yourself for the rest of the week, right?

If you’re one of those who shared the video, I urge you to read the article by Adam Branch “Dangerous ignorance: The hysteria of Kony 2012“. Dangerous ignorance, what a beautiful phrase.

Sunday, I finally had the chance to read all the reflections penned by the first generation of Maltese bloggers for the 7th year anniversary of J’accuse. I do believe that with this series Jacques managed to capture a slice of local internet history. And I really hope he doesn’t castigate me for saying that.