Things have changed since I wrote my first post about ACTA, I now know it’s not as evil as I thought.

As soon as I started participating in the debates about ACTA online I wanted to get as much information as possible about it so I read and read and read. Unfortunately there is so much information about ACTA on the internet that you end up not knowing what or who to believe. All I wanted, and still want in fact, is answers, however I’m very sceptic about the answers that have suddenly started cropping up. Just today, this appeared on 

The link takes you to a very basic HTML page with 10 facts about ACTA. The page seems to address the accusations which appeared in a video some time ago on youtube, but completely disregards the concerns and questions many of us still have.

Having said that, I still think this is positive – meaning someone out there is at least listening.

What I cannot stand is the continuous politicizing of the matter on social networks. From the start I was adamant that such an issue shouldn’t be another argument towards elections. Unfortunately, ACTA is being used for this;

Not only do these people show how much they care about ACTA, but they also show how much they care about current affairs. Check out who the current Finance Minister in Malta is…