The Zammit-Gera murder showed us the ugly face of local Social Media with half the nation going on Facebook and online news websites board with their latest CSI Sliema speculations. However, the cabinet reshuffle and Franco Debono’s latest tantrums shifted all the attention and  we are being rewarded with some quality engagement and sharing.

As soon as PBS told the nation how Franco Debono produced a half yearly school certificate instead of commenting on the precarious situation he himself had caused, Facebook was on fire. People were digging out their old school reports and posting them, urging the Prime Minister to also consider them for a governmental post. But that was not all, the engagement feast was only at its start. Here are some of my favorites.

Top notch local blogs… which are a pleasure to read

Thanks to Franco Debono the local blogosphere has simply come to life. People are sharing, retweeting and linking like never before. From the sleek writing of Karl Stennienibarra amongst others at Bis-Serjeta, Serjeta Biss, to the intriguing commentary of Mark Anthony Sammut, there really are some gems out there, my favorite being Nick Azzopardi’s views on Maltese Politics.

The Franco Debono “Downfall” meme

I’m not being cheeky and referring to his political career, Downfall is the name of the film. Uploaded only a few days ago it has already reached more than 7000 views and 250 likes.


It is just a bit of fun and a very well done to whoever came up with it. It’s nice to see someone does have at heart the Maltese language and actually bothers to use the proper fonts. Unlike the Distric 5 petition which is calling for Franco Debono’s resignation. Your heart might be in the right place but please, oh please have the decency not to rape the Maltese language in the process. My eyes almost burnt as I was reading it.

Satiristan on Facebook

From the hilarious status updates to the occasional photoshop illustriation, Satiristan is a definite follow. After all, with such an impressive certificate how can you not “like” his Facebook page?


So please forgive me but I have to say this; Franco Debono, for being such a megalomaniac, we thank you.