In the past few days every one of us was sucked into a wormhole like no other. The media frenzied on a double murder which happened on the first day of 2012 and amidst shock, speculation and downright insensitivity there is still no answer to the so many questions.

I promised myself I wouldn’t add to all this blabber but after watching the news last night, and after seeing scenes from Gera’s funeral I felt the need to write this blog.

Albeit not as serious or shocking I suffered the effects of the media circus last year when my father was stabbed and risked losing his life. I remember sitting alongside his hospital bed and watching the news reporting the story. I was heartbroken and speechless at the ease of such reporting. The event which almost robbed me of my father was the first headline on all 3 news programmes for the rest of the island to watch, flowered with as much supposition as humanly possible.

This, in turn, reminded me of an event which had happened the previous year. I lost my cousin in a traffic accident. The story didn’t get as much coverage but I still remember going to work after the funeral to find the last moments of my cousin’s life taking up half a page on a local newspaper. I wept when I saw the picture, my cousin’s arm reaching out to the nurse, splashed across Orizzont’s front page.

This is why when I was reading the stories yesterday I felt shame. For a moment I completely forgot there are friends and families behind these two victims. Friends and families who are possibly going through the darkest patch of their lives… and the rest of us are certainly not making it any easier for them.