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If you read my previous post you know I was going to spend the day glued to my laptop, and let me tell you, it’s been interesting! Looks like Nikita is bringing one dark cloud to the local social media scene and tensions are rising. I suggest you put on a spot of tea, get your favourite biscuits and get refreshing on that Facebook of yours.

First off check out J’accuse vs Daphne fighting over who did all the investigative journalism first. Up until yesterday the credit was given to J’accuse for his blog post where he compared excerpts from the Nikita blog to the FT article. On the other hand Daphne thinks Nikita was outed on her blog by one of her readers. Who to believe…? Honestly, I have no idea, but this whole thing is more interesting than an episode of Lost even though it’s leaving me with the same kind of unanswered questions; where did the polar bear come from, why did the Others want Walt so badly and why did the smoke monster make mechanical sounds?

Anyway, before I get lost in Lost, while J’accuse and Daphne have been fighting, there has been another ring match going on…where? On Nikita’s facebook wall. The contestants? Nikita and Mark Camilleri (you know the Realta dude who went through all that trouble).

Mark Camilleri, with all his cojones went on her wall and gingerly posted “Nipretendi li wara li nqbadt tipplagjarizza, ghal-gieh il-Partit tirrezenja minn kull kariga ufficjali li ghandek. Grazzi”. (After you have been caught plagiarising, for the Party’s sake {Labour Party} I expect you to resign from all official posts. Thank you). A war of words ensued but my favourite Nikita stance was when she went on and on about this country’s corruption and how, even if, people are exposed they never resign and about the fact that she didn’t really plagiarise… she paraphrased.

Oh no, we had it all wrong guys, she paraphrased, only when studying politics at University she missed the class about referencing sources. Surely we can forgive her for that and reinstate her blog on Times of Malta, after which she will be forced to write 10 blog posts a day about current affairs with the copy/paste function disabled. Deal?

Also, yes there is corruption in this country, and true no one resigns, but if you do believe in what you preach then why not set an example?