My last post about Divorce was back on March 16th, when the referendum was approved in Parliament. Since then I kept quiet… why? Well firstly because I don’t enjoy seeping down to idiotic forms of so called discussions and secondly because I always thought that such a matter should have been decided, maturely, in Parliament. So I took my vow of silence, which was incredibly hard, because let’s face it, those billboards (from both sides) should have been dedicated a blog post – what an utter disaster!

This weekend I broke my vow and now here I am writing about divorce one more time. What moved me? It was this article from The Times; “Nationalist MPs confirm they have free vote in Parliament”. I just couldn’t get over the fact of how many times the word conscience was used. Edwin Vassallo and Dolores Cristina were very quick to exclaim how they will be voting “according to [their] conscience”. Politicians with a conscience? I thought that was an extinct species.

And what about Austin Gatt, who seems to have forgotten the mighty power of Google? Yes he never did declare he would resign if the yes triumphed in the referendum but he did say and I quote;

“If [the party’s] decision goes against what I conscientiously believe in, I would resign from Parliament since I would not be able in all conscience to back a pro-divorce party and I cannot ever expect my view prevails over the majority view.”

Thing is, the Prime Minister has already been quite frank about how Parliament should respect the people’s view, so the question really is, is he going to resign now or when divorce eventually goes through? I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime we should just sit back, pat ourselves on the back (the yes vote did go through and there was no carcading) and just wait for this interesting story to unfold.