Let me start this post by saying this; I don’t smoke cigarettes. I never got dragged into that whole scene and I hate the taste smoking leaves in my mouth, however, I understand the pleasure it brings some people and I still go out for cigarette breaks with my colleagues… Hooray for passive smoking.

Reading the Times today there was an article introducing the new cigarette packaging as of this Wednesday. Pictorial health warnings will now be added to the ‘smoking kills’ messages. Will this really help? Honestly I have no idea, I tried to do some research on the matter but all the results I got were all from health organizations, not really lacking in bias.

I also stumbled across an article saying that research shows that what really works is having blank packaging, and in fact this is what the UK are currently looking into together, with banning the display of cigarettes in shops.

I still think that what really works is education, smoking does increase the risk of cancer, give people the tools and let them make informed decisions. But please don’t fill the packaging with scary looking guys hooked up to oxygen machines and tumors coming out of their every orifice. I’m not too sure all these scaring tactics work, and if tobacco is really such a killer why isn’t it simply banned like arsenic or leprechaun dust?

Oh well, I guess on Wednesday we’ll get these new packets, they will shock for some time, could be weeks or even minutes, and we’ll be back to the same old routine.