Being sick at home gives me some time to write about things I wouldn’t normally write about. These writings tend to consist mainly in rants. Rants I try to forget about during the week. Normally I manage because these rants are pushed aside by the usual happenings at work but since I’m stuck at home feeling a bit under the weather, well, they are surfacing, so here we go.

Rant #1 – Not being able to purchase Up on Bluray
Oh come on, how is that possible? One of Pixar’s most critically acclaimed films and I cannot find it in Malta. On Saturday I went to look for it at both Exotique and Matrix and the answer from both outlets was ‘Out Of Stock’. I’m not even gonna describe how unhelpful the sales assistants were (you simply cannot call them sales people as that would require some skill). But not to have Up in stock; and I would have completely undertood if it was January and they were replenishing their stock after Christmas, but this is March. I also understand having a limited quantity of stock, I know the sufferings Play has brought about, but it’s well deserved, especially when you don’t deliver on something so basic, it’s not like I went looking for The Human Centipede DVD.

Why I wanted it so badly I hear you say. My friend just had to put her beloved cat to sleep and I thought Up would cheer her up as it’s a movie about dealing with the loss of someone special, and I know it helped me in times of need.

Image courtesy of Pixar

Rant #2 – Maltese reporting
I was completely and utterly disgusted by the choice of tagline The Times decided to go with on their front page on Saturday. Apocalypse now, seriously? Shame on you! I don’t think it was the time and place for puns and acting clever. Not that today’s edition was any different, was the editor trying to be ironic or moronic?

Ironic? More like moronic.

Also if you haven’t yet donated and you’re looking for a charity to help the people in Japan, apart from the Red Cross, there is also Global Giving. Donating is so easy and they even send you regular updates of how your money is being spent.

Rant #3 – Freedom of expression
Not a rant really. I’m really happy Mark Camilleri and Alex Vella Gera were cleared of the offending public morals charge. The rant can be found on a previous blog post I had written some time ago. Long live freedom of expression and all that!