My job involves a substantial amount of local media monitoring. During my many adventures of newspaper/online reading I came across a couple of epic fails which I just had to share.

Refreshing , every now and again you will definitely come across one of these:

In all fairness these mistakes are usually rectified within minutes but I cannot help but giggle when a journalist reports how a man ended up reporting himself missing.

The next was on the August/September issue of the Economic Update. What makes this mistake a disaster is the fact that it’s not in the main text, but in the subtitle of the article in large print. That’s the one: CEO of he Vivendo Group.

Next is probably one of the biggest shames of all. Flair, a glossy local lifestyle magazine which is distributed with the Independent on Sunday, is in my opinion one of the best presented Sunday supplements. It’s also one of my favorites, together with Homeworks (which is distributed by The Sunday TImes). Once again the typo hits you right in the face and proceeds to whooping your ass.

A real shame considering it was a well written article with great photography.

I see many more of these, but these are the ones which I just HAD to reach for my phone camera and take a picture of. And while we’re on the subject, can someone please tell me since when facebook stats are so important? Surely one can do better journalism than searching for a facebook group.