10 most shocking comments on Cecilia Malmstrom’s Facebook Page

By | August 7, 2013

For all this talk about patriotism and nationalism I am surely feeling ashamed of being Maltese, and this is not the first time in the past few days. Never have I seen such abusive behavior online, especially on Facebook. Even during the general elections there was a more serene feel when browsing through comments. All this abuse is being thrown about on Cecilia Malmstrom Facebook page. She is the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs and during the MT Salamis debacle pleaded to Malta to take in the 120 immigrants rescued at sea.

Once again the Government decided to stomp its feet and the immigrants were sent to Italy. Yet what happened after this decision was taken sent a cold shiver down my spine. A considerable amount of Maltese took to Malmstrom’s Facebook page to shout out their opinion. Their opinion being;

  1. The why don’t you take them yourself argument,
  2. The we are Maltese, no one steps on us, argument, and
  3. Abuse, lots of it.

This is shameful, and frankly, useless. The only thing this flock of sheep is managing to do is show what a xenophobic nation the Maltese really are – and this not just to the rest of us, who are sitting here reading these comments incredulously, but to the rest of the world.

Thankfully Cecilia Malmstrom’s page seems to be well maintained and most of the abuse is being deleted. However going through the hundreds of comments you still find the shocking utterance here and there. Here are a list of the 10 most shocking comments I could find.

Shocking comments on Ceciliam Malmstrom's page

Special mention goes out to this person (below comment) who posted something like 17 times on Malmstron’s page. What annoys me most about this breed of people is this presumption of speaking for the rest of us in Malta.

image 2

I understand that this has nothing to do with politics – red, blue, whatever – but there does seem to be this feeling that it is OK to do this because the Prime Minister is on ‘our’ side.

image 3

Joseph Muscat better take his own advice and wake up to smell the coffee. A stratum of Maltese people are showing off their true colours – pure ignorance and racism that is – because they are misreading your message (yes I’m giving the benefit of the doubt). It is high time for the Prime Minister to start condemning such talk.

This post has been amended to remove the names of those who spouted such abuse on Malmstrom’s page becuase apparently a lot of people are OK to dish it but then cannot take it.

  • http://markbiwwa.com MarkBiwwa

    Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow. Just, wow.

    • Mickey Maws

      Ghandek ragun, ghax qabel l-2004, konna mejtin bil-guh, konna pajjiz dizastru, hux vera??

      • https://www.facebook.com/billyjsongwriter Billy J McBee

        Mejtin bil.gjuh fil.2004??? Kieku dak li qed tghid kien vera, tort u responsabilta tal.gvern ta dak iz.zmien. kif ukoll sibli artiklu jew xi haga ufficjali fejn meta dhalna fl.EU .. l.eu tghat fondi specifici ghal.ikel… jew beneficcji

      • https://www.facebook.com/billyjsongwriter Billy J McBee

        By the way.. kieku kliemek kien fattwali.. fil.2004… jekk vera il.poplu kien mejjet bil.gjuh;

        1) jew il.gvern ta dak iz.zmien ghamel apposta u halla il.poplu bil.gjuh halli jintghogob mal.barranin…

        2) il.poplu kien iwaqgha l.gvern u jgelu jerfa l.responsabilta.

    • https://www.facebook.com/billyjsongwriter Billy J McBee

      = ) it’s more shallow to trash talk behind people’s back rather than to be out there and speak out directly : ) .. take example!

      • Rużar Brimba

        U l-Marmalja qamet f’daqqa – u għajtet: “Jien Ħamalla!
        Miskin min ikasbarni, għax fuq Fejsbuk ngħollieh m’Alla!”

  • R.Camilleri

    I would not use the words most oft he Maltese bloggers used here as words can be cruel, but i bare in mind that people in Malta are hurt and full of it, now because we are not being helped by other E.U countries and they want their voices heard I agree with what there worries are we cannot take in more foreigners illegally in our small island, we need to safe guard our interests and children’s future. again the wording is rough, from some but again nice wording and being careful and welcoming led to nowhere but this devastating result we are being taken over and this is the truth, I say referendum to show Joe Muscat we are behind him close our doors, I bow my head to the Prime Minister please help us.

    Ex Strong Nationalist R.Camilleri

  • Matthew Camilleri

    Most of those comments are pretty much work of ignorant fools but a few thoughts about the situation:
    1) Just because someone is against immigration one is not a racist. I for one do not like it that people enter my country illegally, no matter whether they are Russians, Africans or Chinese
    2) Why cannot we send immigrants back to Libya, from where they ahve left using boats? Haven’t Europeans and Americans given Libya millions of Euros in weapons in order to remove Gaddafi from leader to produce a healthy democracy.

    • Benny

      I totally agree with your comment, especially part 1. Why are people being labelled as xenophobic and racists when no one mentioned any blacks but illlegal immigrants??

    • G Hoare

      Please stick to your nuts in uk .And leave the Maltese problem to us.

  • antonio

    We are not racist but enough is enough. All we need is action if the other European countries take their share everything will be fine for us and for them

    • http://www.robertcallus.wordpress.com Robert Callus

      “we are not racist”

      Who are “we”? The people who wrote those comments you mean?

  • Andi Carre

    We are seeing the same ugly hatred being spread here in the UK too. I take comfort in the knowledge that it is from a bitter and bigoted few who shout loudly, not by the majority who speak softly and compassionately.

  • https://www.facebook.com/billyjsongwriter Billy J McBee

    Good on me! Im glad we are of the same BREED as you call it !!!!!!!!

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  • Anthony Calleja

    I don’t want other cultures in my country. And all these illegal immigrants come here to enjoy a monthly cheque from Gvern ta Malta, have their rent paid by our hard earned tax money and I bet they laugh their ass to death after our backs! I don’t give a f..k if some sick Maltese w..nk.rs want their kids to grow up in a nigger dominated Malta. They can get a boat,go to some niggerland and rear their loved ones over there. Antieualways.

    • Antida Cassar

      ”L’injoranza tal pajjiz ” ma naqbilx mahha imma L’INJORANZA ta dawk kollha li kitbu dak il kliem vulgari, degradanti, arroganti ,maledukat u offensiv hija tal misthijja!! Jien le ma naqbilx li jibqaw gejjin aktar immigranti ghax il pajjiz ma jiflahx u hemm bzonn li wiehed jara x’jista jsir mill l’aktar fiss possibbli pero biex turi id dizapprovazzjoni tieghek ma jfissirx li ghandek twaqqa lill art twelidna daqsekk fil hama b’dawk il kummenti.Bhal dak li qallu billi jaqajna ( meta nghid waqajna ma jfissirx jien u hafna hafna ohrajn imma ftit hafna li sabu ix xoqqa f’moxta biex jissodisfaw l’ego taghhom) daqsekk fil baxx solvew xi haga!!Hasbu li billi kitbu bil malti barra l’ingliz mhux xorta ghamlu hsara lill ART TWELIDNA!!! Daqsekk ahna PATRIJOTTI!!!

  • http://thaxwix.blogspot.com Manuel

    How believable is Joseph Muscat’s condemnation of the insulting comments on Cecilia Malmstrom’s Facebook wall?


  • Anto de Chav

    Malstrom is a marxist lunatic..

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